The Future of Work

Morten Brøgger, Wire CEO shares his vast experience leading multinational and multicultural teams around the world. Based in San Francisco, Morten is the CEO of Wire, an enterprise-grade, an end-to-end encrypted collaboration platform. He has over 20 years’ experience in the technology industry, as well […]

Democratize Company Participation

Carlo Brayda, Gorilla Corporation CEO, shares his secret sauce building a multinational corporation. In this deep dive conversation, Carlo explains: How empathy leads to cultural diversity How authenticity bridges cultural differences How sense of purpose lifts consciousness and closes cultural gaps How vulnerability and authenticity […]


CEOpeek is a nonprofit video podcast platform devoted to spreading the personal growth strategies of mid-market company CEOs in the form of short, powerful interviews (5-8 minutes).

Interviews for the CEOpeek is by invitation only. Participating CEOs have not paid in any way to participate and the CEOpeek was not compensated in any way. We carefully select CEOs who are willing to share their key success factors with other CEOs.

Our CEOs have a ripple effect on their employees, customers and communities. They have been selected because they have built a leadership team in their organization, they have developed a growth mindset, and they have grown (or are still growing) their companies from small businesses to mid-market companies.

The interviews encapsulate the CEOs’ most important strategies, character traits, behaviors and inspirations that they have developed throughout their careers. The CEOs are asked about what helped them to become a CEO, what works/doesn’t work for them and what they are still working on to accomplish their vision.

The CEOpeek interviews will be compiled into a new book The CEO Ripple Effect – Inspire the Few Who Empower the Many.

Dave Osh is the founder and host of the CEOpeek. Dave is a former CEO of a multinational company. Through his 25-year career he served as CFO, COO and CEO of listed and private companies, living in Israel, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.  Dave is the author of Outgrow Middle Management – Accelerate Your Climb to the Top. He holds an MBA from Southern Illinois University and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Ben-Gurion University.