Carlo Brayda, Gorilla Corporation CEO, shares his secret sauce building a multinational corporation. In this deep dive conversation, Carlo explains:

  • How empathy leads to cultural diversity
  • How authenticity bridges cultural differences
  • How sense of purpose lifts consciousness and closes cultural gaps
  • How vulnerability and authenticity build strong relationships within remote teams

Founded by Mr. Tortora Brayda in 1992, Gorilla Corporation is a leading provider of services and technologies in IT channel and partnership strategy. With headquarter in San Francisco, USA, and local offices in EMEA and APAC regions, Carlo has grown and expanded Gorilla’s businesses with customers on all continents.

With decades of experience, Carlo is leading his team working with large global businesses, organizations, and governments. The teams build and enhance their clients’ channel and partner relations, structure, and technology, with extraordinary success, resulting in as much as $5Billion for large enterprise businesses.

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