In this insightful interview, Dan Vetras, CEO of Kollective, the leading independent provider of enterprise content delivery networking infrastructure that leverages existing network infrastructure to deliver content faster, more reliably, and with less bandwidth. Some of Dan’s Insights:

  • How to cooperate with people from different backgrounds, different thinking.
  • The 3 D’s in sports that apply to leadership: Dedication, Discipline, and Desire.
  • Play to win as a team without being the individual superstar.
  • Communicate consistently with humility.
  • How important accessibility and transparency for the CEO.
  • Continuous communication creates the team’s camaraderie.
  • CEOs should learn and listen before making dramatic changes in the first 90 days.
  • EQ is as important, if not even more, as IQ.
  • International expansion for a company is what diversification is for an investment portfolio. It mitigates risks!
  • Trust is a crucial factor when recruiting the first international leaders.
  • Building an international presence requires the CEO’s presence for the foreign team.
  • How to keep your cultural edge.


Dan is actively involved in understanding the needs of Kollective’s global customer base, building a world-class team, and driving an agile and innovative culture.

He has 30 years of successful experience in business and technology leadership including three previous CEO positions at Visible Technologies, Talisma, and Captura as well as executive sales positions at IBM and Lotus.