In this revealing interview, Rob Castaneda, the CEO of ServiceRocket, a Silicon Valley-based company that changes the way that fast-growing software companies engage with their customers for successful implementations, reveals his leadership philosophy.

Rob highlights:

  1. Service is like the art of design – the beauty is in the details and nuances.
  2. Rob’s interpretation of the Yerkes Dodson law for optimal anxiety.
  3. How to bring emotions to the check-in process.
  4. The CEO role in creating an emotionally safe environment.
  5. The leader’s role in helping people to get better and become great.
  6. Why CEOs must grow with the growing company.
  7. The importance of peer groups and mentorship for leaders.
  8. The importance of being accessible.
  9. The CEO role is to spot patterns – signals – and design around them.

ServiceRocket helps software companies and their customers get the most out of their software. It provides a unique cloud-based platform, products, and services across Training, Support, Implementation, and Tools.

Rob Castaneda found his passion for technology and training as a 17-year old, working on the Sydney helpdesk of a Silicon Valley software company. Within three years he had worked in various departments of the company, ranging from pre-sales, training, support, and research & development.

In 2000, Rob moved to Silicon Valley to work for a startup, and also contributed and co-authored several books and publications related to Enterprise Java. In 2001, Rob started his company ServiceRocket, which is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and has grown to more than 240 employees worldwide with offices in the U.S., Australia, Chile, and Malaysia.

Rob’s leadership style of thinking team and sharing knowledge is part of what has helped him build a successful global company, completely boot-strapped, without VC funding, and has most recently landed him a spot in Silicon Valley’s Top 40 under 40.