In this inspiring interview, Kunal Chopra, the CEO of Kaspien, a NASDAQ listed company that grew from a third-party Amazon seller into a robust e-commerce platform, shares the leadership principles that enable him to thrive in a fast-growing, highly complex, and technology-driven business environment.

Here are a few of Kunal’s individual and team principles:

  1. Being a lifelong learner and apply theory learned to work.
  2. Keep a constant loop of absorbing information and giving back.
  3. Integrate work and life.
  4. Bring your whole self to work.
  5. Everyone should become a well-rounded person and think like a CEO.
  6. Create partnerships as a core principle.
  7. Make decisions based on data.
  8. Innovate on behalf of your customers 9. Believe in the power of diversity and inclusion.
  9. Embed the principles and framework into employee journeys.

Kaspien offers an expanding suite of proprietary software and leading services. It consistently delivers secure and sustainable growth for both established and emerging brands across ecommerce marketplaces.

Prior to Kaspien, Kunal served as a senior executive at Microsoft, Amazon, and Groupon. He managed up to $800MM P&L with 500 direct and indirect employees.

Kunal grew up in Mumbai, India and after finishing his Bachelors in Computer Engineering from The University of Mumbai, came to the United States to do his Masters in Computer Science. He is the manifestation of the American dream.

Kunal authored 5 books: Searchability, Get what you’re worth, Promotionary, From Average to Executive, and Start with A Vision and End with a Job Offer. You can find them at