In this fascinating interview, Sanjeev Kumar, the CEO of Skience, a digital transformation platform for broker-dealers and Registered Investment Advisors that provides wealth managers with an efficient way to unify their technology and increase their productivity, shares the lessons he has learned growing the company to 200 employees strong.

Some of Sanjeev insights:

  • Reinvent yourself to stay relevant.
  • Choose partners based on the ecosystem they have created.
  • Working unconventionally during the pandemic.
  • Leveraging technology in innovative ways.
  • Looking at how behavior is changing in the target market.
  • Integrate solutions from the wider ecosystem to create innovative offerings.
  • Collaboration as a foundation for innovation.
  • Agility applies to not just the product development but to the organization.
  • Identify and stick to the core strengths of different teams.

Sanjeev founded Skience in 2001 with $400, lots of patience, determination, and passion for leveraging technology to solve business problems. Without borrowing or getting investors onboard he and his team have grown the company to more than 200 employees with offices in Herndon, Virginia, and Bangalore, India.

Sanjeev likes hiking and biking and he also participates in fundraising bike rides each year to sponsor education for children who would not have the funds to go to school otherwise.