Stuart Frankel, Narrative Science CEO, shares the leadership lessons he learned over the last 11 years since he founded the company. Some of Stuart’s insights:

  • Prepare to play the long game
  • Embrace the ups and downs
  • Don’t treat problems equally
  • Differentiate existential from non-existential decisions
  • Empower the team to move the business forward
  • Executives should prioritize their team of peers over the team that reports to them
  • Keep asking for that context until you find it
  • Have a healthy skepticism in data analysis to eliminate data biases
  • Conflict is sometimes necessary to get the team on the same page
  • Get clarity about the final decision made before leaving the room
  • Identify the wrong assumptions that lead to a bad decision

Narrative Science creates software that writes stories from data to drive understanding and results. In its artificial intelligence, power technology automatically turns data into easy to understand reports, transform statistics into stories, and converts numbers into knowledge.

Prior to Narrative Science, Stuart was the president of the performance division of Double Click and was a member of Double Click’s senior management team where the company was sold to Google. He started his career as a lawyer and a CPA.