In this inspiring interview, Ron Scheese, Andesa Services CEO, a provider of integrated solutions to life insurance and annuity carriers and producers, shares his unique leadership philosophy.

Ron continuously contributes to the body of work around leadership and he is working on an upcoming leadership book.

Some of Ron’s insights:

  • Finding your purpose and align your professional and life purpose
  • Leverage strengths to pursue the purpose using a strength finder
  • Maximize strength to fulfill your purpose
  • Planning is an emergent process
  • Starting and failing fast
  • Leadership means to outgrow the professional domain into ‘people first’
  • See the whole ecosystem – employees families, customers, and supplier stakeholders
  • Match leadership style to the situation
  • Servant leadership is the default mode but in crisis, sometimes there is a place for command and control to make urgent decisions
  • The benefits of an employee-owned company

Ron was promoted to CEO 10 years ago after serving for almost 5 years as the company’s CFO.

Prior to Andesa, Ron had a career in corporate finance after a few years as an audit manager for Ernst and Young.