In this perceptive interview, Scott Francis, BP3 CEO, an award-winning automation provider with offices in Austin, Denver, London, Amsterdam, and Lisbon, shares his journey from a co-founder CTO to a CEO, lessons learned from growing the company, and his unique approach to hiring and developing talent.

Some of his insights are:

  • How to balance the technical skills and business skills
  • How to adjust the type of employees you hire to the growth rate
  • The right mix between experienced and non
  • experienced employees
  • Free flow communication across reporting lines
  • How to replace a formal hierarchical structure with more meaningful and fulfilling development.
  • Let inexperienced leaders lead experienced leaders
  • How to create a culture of continuous learning
  • The CEO doesn’t have anyone to “outsource” the stress

Scott co-founded BP3 in 2007. He served as the CTO for the first 4 years and 5 years ago he transitioned into the CEO role, succeeding his co-founder Lance Gibbs.

Scott also serves as the President of The Magellan International School Board. This is an IB school with immersion Spanish and Mandarin where Scott’s 6 and 9 years old kids go.

BP3 helps streamline and automate processes that drive everything from customer experience to employee productivity in some of the world’s most respected brands – such as Lilly, Charter, Wells Fargo, and others.