In this ‘free-dive’ interview, Ben Gaddis, T3 CEO, an innovation firm that helps brands create value for consumers first, then build messaging around that value, explains how embracing irrationality drives innovation in business.

Some of Ben’s insights:

  • Irrationality is closely linked to new ideas
  • Innovation goes against hard-wired habits and short term needs (quarterly earnings) –
  • How to trick your brain to allow crazy ideas
  • Innovation is about removing the constants from an industry
  • The impact of fear on innovation
  • How one-degree decisions drive innovation without negative impact on legacy business
  • The 3- step innovation process: Identify the constants, develop an irrational vision, and make one-degree decisions every day to keep you on the path to that irrational vision.
  • How to create a ripple effect of innovation in an organization

Focusing on innovation, Ben sets the vision for T3 to help clients build Useful Brands through a culture driven by collaboration, prototyping, and making cool stuff happen. He oversees all T3 offices in Austin, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Ben has helped craft innovation, marketing, and loyalty strategies for 7-Eleven, Staples, UPS, Allstate, Coca-Cola, Sprite, and other clients. He launched T3’s Innovation Labs to help clients take an agile approach to conceptualize and bring new tech, digital experiences, and products to market.

He also created T3 Ventures that invests in and provides consulting and services to early-stage startups. Ben also serves as a Techstars mentor, Wired contributor, and a frequent speaker at events.

Ben invites you to pay what you like to download Embracing Irrationality – How Crazy Thinking Save Your Career, Your Company and Possibly Your Job. He wants to empower as many people as possible to start putting this mindset and methodology to work in their communities. All proceeds go to charity to support work during this crisis.