In this discerning interview, Brady Harris, the CEO of Dwolla, a FinTech company that develops payment gateway software that changes the way innovative businesses move money, shares his simple, yet powerful framework for delegation.

Brady’s 5 steps to stewardship delegation:

  1. Establishing results, goals, and outcomes
  2. Setting guidelines to accomplish these outcomes
  3. Providing the resources necessary to be successful
  4. Holding people accountable for the outcomes mutually agreed on
  5. Clarifying the consequences of the accountability

Brady has some additional insights about:

  • “Leadership is more so about organizing the collective genius and less about having the answer yourself”
  • The similarities of leadership and parenthood
  • How to drive alignment and buy-in in teams

Brady joined Dwolla a year ago after serving as the president of PayScape for almost three years. Before that he scaled the corporate ladder over more than 16 years from various sales positions to the president of Elliott management group.

Brady has two bachelor’s degrees in International Economic Studies and in Russian. He has a Master’s degree in International Affairs and Global Enterprise.