In this insightful interview, Matt Powell, the CEO of Moroch, an independent, integrated marketing agency based in Dallas, shares his 20-year journey from a media planner to CEO and his beautiful insights about career, work, and life.

Among his insights:

  • How to fight through a career wall
  • How to have a tough conversation with an employer
  • Are you running from something or towards something?
  • The shift from the C-suite peer group to the CEO role
  • Acknowledging the elephant in the room accelerates teamwork
  • How to quickly come together as a team
  • A leadership team as a soccer team vs. a basketball team
  • The mistake of hiring leaders like us
  • Multi-generational leadership impact on the organization

Matt Joined Moroch almost 20 years ago as a media planner. In his first week, Matt was sent to observe at his first client meeting. But when his boss didn’t make her flight, he presented the agency’s media plan himself.

Matt’s been stepping up ever since solving media puzzles for some of the largest companies. He is an evangelist for new platforms and technologies and he describes himself as “constantly evolving.”

With dozens of offices across the United States, Moroch has the ability to work with clients such as McDonald’s, Six Flags, Planet Fitness, Disney, Midas, Visionworks, and Baylor Healthcare System, among others.

Moroch’s integration model includes expertise in creative, digital, social media, planning, analytics, media, multicultural, experiential, and PR all under one roof, working together on behalf of over 100 brands.