In this thought-provoking interview, Nathan Stooke the CEO of Wisper Internet, a company that provides fast, reliable internet services to rural communities where other providers don’t, shares the leadership lessons learned during the pandemic year leading the growth from 71 to 187 employees.

Nathan founded Wisper Internet 18 years ago when a friend didn’t have Internet access at his business.

Nathan Stooke accepted the challenge. It took a little research, a few maxed out credit cards, and hard work, and Wisper Internet was born to bridging the gap in rural America with fast internet.

Some of Nathan insights:

  • The changing needs from the leadership team in hyper-growth
  • The power of executive coaching to expose blind spots
  • How to balance the individuals and the team
  • How framework helps to navigate uncharted territories
  • From CEO by default to CEO by choice
  • Developing agile mindest
  • Losing efficiency to get things done