In this revealing interview, Wynne Nowland, Bradley & Parker CEO, shares her simple, yet powerful worldview of expansive and united leadership.

Bradley & Parker is a premier insurance, risk management, and financial services firm founded in 1939 in Long Island, New York. With more than 15,000 clients, such as publicly-traded companies with complex global insurance programs and the largest software framework company for autonomous systems, Bradley & Parker is one of the largest privately-held insurance companies in the United States underwriting in excess of $100 million in insurance premiums annually.

Wynne Joined Bradley & Parker 34 years and 9 months ago. She has been promoted from Executive Vice President to CEO 4.5 years ago and shortly after she came out as transgender.

Wynne insights:

  • The positive effect of longevity on the job
  • The importance of expanding your role to other corporate function
  • How the leadership propels the company’s success
  • The challenges in creating a hybrid remote and in-office post-pandemic
  • How to have clear communication across the organization
  • How to foster an inclusive work environment
  • Creating a diverse workforce improves business performance
  • There is more that unites us than divides us