Wynne Nowland

Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

In this revealing interview, Wynne Nowland, Bradley & Parker CEO, shares her simple, yet powerful worldview of expansive and united leadership. Bradley & Parker is a premier insurance, risk management, and financial services firm founded in 1939 in Long Island, New York. With more than […]

Discover the Keys to Scaling Your Business

Manish Hirapara, the CEO of PeakActivity, shares the leadership strategies that helped him scale PeakActivity to more than 200 employees. PeakActivity is a digital strategy and implementation company, partnering with businesses to accelerate growth through eCommerce, Digital Marketing, and Technology solutions. Topics discussed: – Transforming […]

Leading Globally in High Complexity

In this insightful interview, Paula Schneider, Susan G. Komen CEO, reveals the leadership lessons she learned from leading global organizations. Susan G. Komen, a global movement, that over 30 years, has led the way in the funding of three Billion dollars, groundbreaking research, community health […]

Empower Conscious Capitalism

In this discerning interview, Andrew Pass, the CEO of A Pass Educational Group, shares the magic of empowerment by having double bottom lines. A Pass Educational Group develops customized educational content from designing courses to creating assessments for K-12, higher education, and corporations. Prior to […]

Nathan Stooke

Leading Hyper-Growth

In this thought-provoking interview, Nathan Stooke the CEO of Wisper Internet, a company that provides fast, reliable internet services to rural communities where other providers don’t, shares the leadership lessons learned during the pandemic year leading the growth from 71 to 187 employees. Nathan founded […]

Kevin Jones, Celero CEO

Leading Through Multiple M&As

In this fascinating interview, Kevin Jones, the CEO of Celero Commerce that provides payment processing services, business management software, and data intelligence to small and medium-sized businesses in one holistic platform, discusses the leadership challenges and the solutions of leading high growth through M&As. Celero’s […]

Breaking walls

In this insightful interview, Matt Powell, the CEO of Moroch, an independent, integrated marketing agency based in Dallas, shares his 20-year journey from a media planner to CEO and his beautiful insights about career, work, and life. Among his insights: How to fight through a […]

Stewardship Delegation, Brady Harris, CEO at Dwolla

In this discerning interview, Brady Harris, the CEO of Dwolla, a FinTech company that develops payment gateway software that changes the way innovative businesses move money, shares his simple, yet powerful framework for delegation. Brady’s 5 steps to stewardship delegation: Establishing results, goals, and outcomes […]

Embracing Irrationality

In this ‘free-dive’ interview, Ben Gaddis, T3 CEO, an innovation firm that helps brands create value for consumers first, then build messaging around that value, explains how embracing irrationality drives innovation in business. Some of Ben’s insights: Irrationality is closely linked to new ideas Innovation […]

Level Up Next Generation Leaders

Carmela Castellano-Garcia, California Primary Care Association CEO, reveals some of the strategies she has been applying for 23 years to develop the next generation leaders. Here some of the strategies she mentioned: Create career paths for people to move up within the organization Focus on […]